LLA 401 Policy Fair: Perfecting Your Policy Pitch

LLA 401 Policy Fair is meticulously designed to empower participants in presenting their policy propositions succinctly, capturing the attention of a crowd consisting of experts and professionals. This event offers a unique opportunity for participants to receive invaluable insights, feedback, and experiences from the audience, effectively tackling the challenges they face.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing LLA 401 Policy Fair, participants will master the following skills:

Effective Advocacy:
Learn to passionately advocate for their policy proposition, conveying its essence within a mere one-minute timeframe.

Informed Discussions with Experts:
Engage in informal discussions with experts on the chosen topic, gaining valuable perspectives.

Networking and Professional Expansion:
Expand their professional network by connecting with like-minded individuals and professionals in the field.

Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Ideation:
Utilize the crowd’s collective intelligence to enrich and refine the content of their policy paper, incorporating diverse ideas and solutions.

Event Format:

  • Booth Setup:
    Each group will have a dedicated booth for their presentation.
  • Participant Engagement:
    Representatives from each group will take the stage, presenting their policy proposition and inviting attendees to visit their booth.
  • Interactive Session:
    Attendees will rotate, sharing their thoughts and feedback with the political party staff and noting down their comments at each booth.
  • Event Duration:
    The event spans two engaging hours, providing ample opportunities for interaction and collaboration.

2022 Edition

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LLA 401 Policy Fair
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2021 Edition

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LLA 401 Policy Fair
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2019 and 2020 Edition

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2018 Edition

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2017 Edition

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