LLA 401 Policy Fair is designed to help participants pitch their policy proposition in just one minute, to a crowd of experts and professionals. The crowd suggests insights, feedback, and experience to help participants overcome the challenges. A group of trained facilitators makes sure that each group aggregates the dispersed information, into a structured body of knowledge.

By the end of LLA 401, participants will be able to:

  • Advocate for their policy proposition.
  • Discuss the topic with experts, in an informal manner.
  • Expand their own professional network.
  • Crowdsource the content of their paper, by having others contribute with ideas and solutions.


  • Each group has a booth.
  • Participants from each group will be at the booth.
  • One representative of each group takes the stage, presents their policy proposition, and encourages attendees to visit their group’s booth – all in just one minute.
  • Around 50 attendees will then visit the stands and share their ideas with the staff of political parties, write their comments, and move on to the next stand.
  • Duration: Two hours.


2021 Edition

LLA 401 Photo Album 2021
LLA401 Policy Papers 2021

2019 and 2020 Edition


LLA 401 Photo Album 2019 – 2020
LLA401 UNITE Policy Papers 2020

2018 Edition


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2017 Edition


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