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Established in 2017, LIMS Leaders’ Academy-LLA provides a capacity-building program for young staff and activists of political parties. UNITE (an acronym for UNdefeated Influences to Transform the Economy) was the 2020 edition of the annual LLA. Besides regular participants, leading groups engaged in the 2019 October Revolution took part in the LLA program. Such an assembly of people connected to one other through multiple LLA workshops, and were able to unite around common reform propositions.

Since 2019, those who took part in the October Revolution from 2019, have been invited and actively participate in the LLA. Upon program completion, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire a framework to accurately identify and interpret the economic challenges facing Lebanon.
  • Come up with well-thought-out solutions to any economic problem they wish to address.
  • Draft a market-oriented policy proposition.
  • Present the proposition in front of an audience and defend it.

The LLA is a value-added program as attendees benefit from the following:

  • Sharpen public speaking skills. Enhance their negotiation techniques.
  • Learn about free market ideas.
  • Opportunities to build and strengthen their professional network.

To complete the LLA program, participants need to take the following four workshops to gather the required 24 credits. LIMS will notify participants in advance, regarding the time and date of each workshop, as it varies each year.

  • LLA 101 Economic Foundations of prosperity
  • LLA 201 Connect to prosperity www.econarabic.com
  • LLA 301 Shaping Public Policy
  • LLA 401 Policy Fair


LLA 101 Economic Foundations of Prosperity

LLA 101 Economic Foundations of Prosperity is a two-day workshop hosting active groups in Lebanon.  Participants meet, get to know each other,  attend workshops and  form working groups to address topics of common interests.

LLA 301 Shaping Public Policy

LLA 301 Shaping Public Policy is a two-day workshop followed by a two-months tutoring process. The workshop allows participants to draft a market-oriented policy paper that would serve their group. Each party might have its own priority and LIMS is very flexible on the topic. After the workshop, a tutor will be assigned to  each group to walk them through the process of drafting the paper.

LLA 201 Connect to Prosperity

LLA 201 Connect to Prosperity is a webinar designed for high-achieving activists, who are seeking a unique structured and advanced knowledge, with a strong emphasis on practical solutions for economic challenges.

LLA 401 Policy Fair

The Policy Fair is designed to help participants pitch their policy proposition in just one minute, to a crowd of experts and professionals. The crowd suggests insights, feedback, and experience to help participants overcome the challenges. A group of trained facilitators makes sure that each group aggregates the dispersed information, into a structured body of knowledge.