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Apple-C: Apply Public Procurement Law to End Corruption



Apple C (Apply Public Procurement Law to End Corruption). The new public procurement law becomes effective as of July 2022 and transforms the Tender Board into a Public Procurement Authority (PPA), whose goal is to impose oversight, governance, auditing, and transparency on the public procurement process. LIMS recommends: (1) Apply the new Public Procurement Law as some laws in Lebanon have not been applied 20 years after their adoption as ministers prefer to avoid being subject to oversight. (2) Ensure the independence of the PPA as the appointment of the members of the PPA are subject to a flagrant conflict of interest. (3) Amend the law to give more power to the PPA especially that the new law transferred the power of conducting the tender from the public procurement authority to the purchasing body (the ministry, public administration, etc.), expanding their powers, instead of balancing them.