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GreenGrid aims to transform Lebanon’s energy sector, through championing private initiatives in renewable energy at the municipal level. The project advocates allowing private solar farms to compete with traditional electricity producers. Delivering electricity at 7-9 cents per kWh compared to the current 50 cents per kWh, solar will be a game changer in Lebanon. This competitiveness will spark opportunities for entrepreneurs, enabling them to take pride in servicing their community, and contributing to a greener environment. In turn, affordable and reliable electricity propels economic growth and job opportunities, nurturing personal growth, and uplifting human dignity.


The project provides a pathway for individuals to transform into independent power producers (IPPs) by investing in solar farms, cultivating a sense of empowerment and human dignity. Our previous work with the Toula Solar farm shows that the hybrid model, where the solar farm is coupled with a private diesel generator, reduces the overall electricity cost by 30%, reduces pollution by 40%, and enables 24/7 electricity. The profitability of this system gives entrepreneurs a newfound independence that allow them to participate in the electricity trade, collaborate with others, and compete in a manner aligned with their aspirations.


Furthermore, the shift towards sustainable energy practices instills a sense of pride in contributing to a greener, healthier environment. Owners of private generators, often stigmatized as engaging in illegal electricity sales without a license at exorbitant prices, will have the chance to become electric distributors of green energy through their microgrid. This shift allows them to take pride in their work, replacing condescension with a sense of dignity. In embracing clean energy solutions, black market generators actively participate in a collective effort to address environmental challenges. This dual impact, both on individual empowerment and environmental sustainability, creates a profound connection between human dignity and a responsible, eco-friendly approach to energy production.


Competition between IPPs will stimulate innovation and enable individuals, households and businesses to obtain cheaper and more reliable electricity. Beyond the mere convenience of lighting, our approach yields substantial time and cost savings for households. By alleviating the financial strain of electricity costs, empowered families will make free choices about where to channel their resources.


Access to reliable and affordable electricity is not just a matter of convenience; it directly impacts the essentials of daily life. It means children can study with proper lighting, families can refrigerate essential medicines, businesses can operate without interruptions, and households can access water consistently.


Cheaper and reliable electricity supply reduces operational costs, increases efficiency, and leads to business expansion. This, in turn, encourages economic growth, opening up new job opportunities. Work, in all its dimensions, is the cornerstone of human dignity, fostering recognition, providing structure, and promoting growth.


By enabling communities to take control of their energy needs, we aspire to lift the heavy burden of darkness that has overshadowed their lives. This project is a resounding affirmation of resilience, compassion, and the unwavering belief that every person deserves the basic human need of reliable and affordable electricity to live in our modern society.