Kristelle Mardini

Kristelle Mardini is the director of LIMS. Her past experience includes three years as regional marketing specialist at IAxcess, a company that offers technologies and IT security solutions. Kristelle also worked for three years in marketing at Al-Jadeed TV, a leading TV station in Lebanon where she developed a handbook on using various promotion platforms: TV, digital, radio, published press releases, traditional media, outdoor campaigns, and much more. She holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from Notre Dame University- Louaize and a master’s degree in communication and information from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon.

Majdi Aref

Majdi Aref is the senior policy analyst at the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies. He has a master’s degree in finance from the University of York, where he wrote on pricing credit default swaps with industry-specific factors. He also has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Balamand. He previously worked in research at the Economics & Capital Markets Research Center, where he examined the effects of debt on the economy and the sustainable levels at which a healthy economy can grow. He also worked as a tutor during his studies, where he taught different subjects in economics and finance.

Othman Yamak

Othman Yamak is a web developer and designer at the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies – LIMS. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer and communications engineering from the Lebanese International University; He is currently preparing for his masters degree. He has developed several freelance web projects such as Easy way agency and El Bakkour Group’s main websites before building the LIMS and Soukhor ones.

Riad Assoum

Riad Assoum is a translator at the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies (LIMS). He holds a bachelor’s degree in modern languages and translation from the University of Balamand and is currently studying for his master’s degree at Said University. Riad’s work at the institute is mainly focused on translating videos related to the subject of free economy and free market creation to and from both English and Arabic, typing the content of some videos related to the same topic and proofreading existing translations or unpublished papers.