LIMS Leaders’ Academy: Policy Fair and Graduation Ceremony

LIMS Leaders’ Academy: Policy Fair and Graduation Ceremony

On April 28, 2022, 34 leading activists belonging to 19 prominent grassroots organizations working for change in Lebanon, graduated from the 5th edition of LIMS Leaders’ Academy (LLA) at the Lancaster Plaza Hotel in Beirut. This year’s edition comes at a special time since 8 graduates from the academy are running for the 2022 parliamentary elections.

Policy Papers
Throughout the program, participants worked on developing a policy reform of their choosing that would help Lebanon out of the current crisis. Graduates produced the following policy papers: (1) Reclaim the cannabis industry from militias and political parties, (2) End garbage crisis and give the population incentives to recycle, (3) Federalism in Lebanon: A solid foundation for equitable development, (4) How to stimulate entrepreneurship in Lebanon? (5) The collapse of Lebanon’s healthcare system: Feasible solutions and (6) A viable solution to the electricity crisis in Lebanon and the role of renewables. 
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Policy Fair
The graduation ceremony was followed by a policy fair. Each group selected one or two representatives to present their policy proposition in a two-minute pitch to 37 journalists and 20 experts and guests who attended the ceremony. 6 stands were established at the policy fair, one per group, and participants, journalists, and experts interacted and discussed the suggested reforms.

Advancing Liberty Award
During the graduation ceremony, LIMS presented the 2021 Advancing Liberty Award to two female journalists: Ms. Nawal Abboud, from Voice of Lebanon radio station, and Ms. Salwa Baalbaki, from Annahar newspaper, for their work in promoting accountability and transparency. These two women scrutinized the work of ministers and MPs, checked if they acted in a way to benefit the population, and ensured people received the right information. They have stood with the people against corruption, with freedom against oppression, and with the weak against the strong. They have not been intimidated by officials with power and authority, and remained the voice of freedom and justice, despite the continuous pressures.
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The event was mentioned in 15 news-websites and newspapers and in 2 radio station: VDLEl nashraLebanon 24News112112Arab YoumNNAMllm newsBeirut newsAl intisharBilmokhtasarTrend ArabiHadramoutNabad 1, AnnaharNabad 2VDL24 1, and VDL24 2.