Subsidies Reduced in August and Will be Removed End of September


On August 11, Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salemeh, made the decision to stop supplying dollars to fuel importers at a preferential exchange rate, effectively ending the Central Bank Subsidies Program (CBSP). He explained that there was a fuel shortage in July, despite subsidizing the July fuel imports that should have lasted 3 months. The government radically objected Salameh’s decision, labeling the move as “illegal”. An agreement was finally reached on August 21 to first, reduce fuel subsidies from around 70% to around 50% on August 22, and then to completely remove subsidies by the end of September, the same time cash cards will be ready to be rolled out.
LIMS praised the central bank’s decision to lift subsidies on fuel, albeit late. Lifting subsidies would bring fuel back to the market, end the rationing of electricity by private generators, put a stop to the never-ending queues in front of the gas stations, and allow businesses to return to work and production. Unfortunately, LIMS saw that the government missed an opportunity to end the subsidy policy once and for all, when it chose to extend the program, even if at a lower rate, till the end of September. This arrangement will keep the fuel drought in place for an extra month, as the profit margin of smugglers and black-market dealers remains considerably high.
Furthermore, LIMS explained that the subsidies mechanism has also changed. In the previous scheme, the cost of subsidies was registered as a loss to the central bank. However, as part of the new system, the government will borrow money from the central bank to finance subsidies from the public budget. So technically, the program is still financed using the central bank’s foreign exchange reserves, but the loss is now registered on the government’s balance sheet.
LIMS criticized the populist policy of cracking down on fuel hoarders and explained that despite the large media coverage and the shaming game, this policy did little to alleviate the crisis. In fact, LIMS insisted that completely repealing subsidies and repricing commodities at their market price is the only way out of the fuel crisis. In all countries that adopted a subsidy policy, incentives to smuggle and hoard grew overwhelmingly, and shortages were the inevitable end result. During the first half of 2021, Lebanon spent $1.2 billion on imported subsidized medicine, double the amount from the previous year. Yet, medicine shortages are still jeopardizing residents’ lives.

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