Revamping Mechanical Inspections in Lebanon: Catalyzing Competition to Improve Efficiency

Revamping Mechanical Inspections in Lebanon

The mandatory vehicle inspection process in Lebanon, requires drivers to visit one of the four designated inspection centers annually. After a history of flawed tenders in contracting the management of the inspection centers, the Ministry of Interior commendably initiated a new tender on August 31, 2023 in accordance with public procurement regulations.

LIMS, operating within the framework of the APPLE C program (Apply Public Procurement Law to End Corruption), underscores the significance of this tender as the first genuinely competitive bidding process for the management of vehicle inspection centers. Notably, it encourages the involvement of small and medium enterprises by imposing reasonable criteria such as relevant experience and a minimum financial guarantee.

However, LIMS highlights the inherent limitations of this approach, particularly its confinement of the mechanical inspection process to the existing four centers. Whether monopolized by a single entity or divided among multiple operators, this setup fails to adequately serve the population, resulting in long queues, extended waiting times, and increased costs for drivers residing in remote areas.

LIMS advocates for a departure from the exclusive awarding of rights to the four centers through tenders. Instead, the institute suggests issuing licenses for vehicle inspection purposes to the myriad repair shops scattered across every corner of Lebanon. This innovative approach would empower drivers to choose from a diverse array of mechanical inspection providers, fostering genuine competition in the market. The potential proliferation of inspection centers, potentially numbering in the hundreds, would break free from monopolistic constraints, streamline processes for citizens, and simultaneously enhance governmental income.

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