Currency Board: A Path to Economic Recovery in Lebanon

Today, the Lebanese pound suffers from a loss in confidence and soaring velocity. The currency has lost more than 80% of its value and Lebanon’s inflation has reached levels higher than those currently registered in Zimbabwe, Syria, or Sudan. This paper argues for establishing a currency board in Lebanon with the support of a credible international expert on currency board. More

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BELIEF in Lebanon-Blueprint to Establish Leading Infrastructure, Economy & Finance in Lebanon

LIMS | April 23,2020

People in Lebanon lost their incomes, jobs, and life savings due to a massive economic slowdown coupled with high inflation and a devaluation of the currency. The Lebanese government suspended the payment of a $90 billion debt, mostly held by the domestic banking system. More

Water: Giving a Fresh Solution to Lebanon’s Water Pollution

Majdi Aref | LIMS | September 2018

A portion of Lebanese people have been coerced to using dirty water on a daily basis. Fresh water is being contaminated by sewage, showing traces of mercury, salmonella and E-coli. This is mainly due to… More

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Traffic:  “Impending Cost of Traffic and the Road to Revitalization”

The cost of congestion in Lebanon is around 4-8% of GDP. The country ranks 124th out of 138 in the quality of roads index as per a World Economic Forum annual study.

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Internet: Grow the Economy, By Boosting Internet Speed

Lebanon has one of the slowest countries in the world ranking 127th out of 130 in internet speed. Based on the Ookla internet speed tests, Lebanon averages 5.08 megabits per second (Mbps) for downloads and 2.48 Mbps for uploads, whereas the global average speed is 41.88 Mbps for downloads and 20.36 Mbps for uploads.

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Education: Making Public Schools, Run Like Private Ones

Despite the free education in public schools, enrollment is limited to 30.8%. Students in the public-school system suffer academically, as they are not provided with adequate teachers, as those educators with proper connections are promoted due to favoritism, and not because of professionalism.

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Media: TV Stations’ Ultimatum: Diversify or Die

Lebanon has the highest contribution of creative industries to the national GDP in the MENA. The media sector accounted for nearly 4.75% of Lebanese GDP in 2013 and generated an added value of around 55.3%. The sector also employs around 4.5% of the labor force.

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Lebanon’s Electricity Problem: A Zero Dollar Solution

Dr. Patrick Mardini | LIMS | May 2015

Deficit, Debt and Electricity Rationing
People in Lebanon suffer from an average of 12 hours per day of rolling blackouts. Power rationing is very damaging to a wide variety of sectors in the country, since households and businesses have to acquire electricity on the expensive black market of private generators…