Business Growth Possible If Lebanon Implements Key Steps

Al Nour Square, Tripoli, Lebanon | November 17, 2019

On the 1-month anniversary of the countrywide Lebanese protests, the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies—LIMS, held a Freedom Audit in partnership with the Fraser Institute and Atlas Network. The event took place at the protest and attracted over 250 activists, academics, and protesters with Mr. Fred McMahon and Dr. Michael Walker as speakers. Mr. McMahon explained how less government intervention reduces current monopolies plaguing Lebanon and induces prosperity. He then elaborated on how Singapore, Ireland, and Botswana benefited from opening their economies to competition. On the other hand, Dr. Walker described how less regulation helps overcome corruption and reduces public debt, citing the experience of Margaret Thatcher in Great Britain as an example. Part 1 of the Audit was a fantastic opportunity to give protesters a taste of free market ideas.

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