Atlas Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square, New York City, United States | November 6-7, 2019

LIMS President Dr. Patrick Mardini and Director Ms. Kristelle Mardini attended the Atlas annual Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner 2019. The 2-day event gathered over 800 people from 50 countries to share challenges and experiences on how to effectively advance market reforms.


Finalist of the 2019 Templeton Award

LIMS was nominated as a finalist for the prestigious Templeton Freedom Award, which recognizes our contribution to electricity reform. In May 2019, the Lebanese parliament voted in favor of Law 129, authorizing private independent power producers to enter the market and sell electricity. This victory for LIMS averted the spending of $5.4 billion, which translates to $125 saved by the average taxpayer each month.


Interviewing the Finalists for the Templeton Freedom Award
In a panel discussion, finalists for the Templeton Freedom Award had the chance to communicate to more than 50 attendees the impact they achieved in their home country. Dr. Mardini explained how LIMS advocated a zero-dollar solution to the electricity problem in Lebanon. The institute moved on 2 parallel axes: (1) working with policy makers, and not against them, to build a trustful and constructive relationship, and (2) raising the public’s awareness on the importance of allowing the private sector into electricity production.

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