Who are we ?

We are a market oriented institute that addresses economic challenges through research, discussion, and implementation. We provide policy propositions for governments, offer technical support, and raise media awareness. We are member of the Atlas Network and we pool resources from 489 partners in 98 countries around the globe.


To build Institutions that promotes prosperity


Conduct market oriented reforms through working with government and opinions leaders.


Our Stewardship
• We address Lebanon’s economic challenges from a market perspective.
• We deliver objective recommendations based on scientific research, and on the successes and failures of reforms in countries with similar institutional framework.
• We are devoted to our mission and we use our means efficiently to produce value.

Our Work
• We offer rigorous, reliable, and accessible information and analysis to decision makers.
• We are committed to integrity and honesty, and we build lasting, trusting relationships.
• We work with diverse partners regardless their religion, sect, political affiliation, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, etc.

Our Service
• We design and deliver innovative, cost efficient, and practical policy propositions.
• We stand out by offering high-quality programs for current and future decision makers.
• We serve our partners and help them respond to current challenges, in a manner that would benefit the public.

• We strive to offer an environment, where each individual relies on themselves and sees their achievements recognized.
• We work together to deliver high-end outcomes and encourage each other to do better.
• We invest in the professional development of our staff through local and international exposure to leading practices.



• Develop high-quality policy propositions, matching government priorities with the pressing needs of people.
• Work with government officials, members of parliament, and staff of political parties on the adoption of market-oriented reforms.
• Equip future leaders with the needed skills, to focus on prosperity and suggest policies.