School Voucher System: A Chance to Save Private Schools

Claire Basbous | Lebanese Institute for Market Studies | November 2018

The Lebanese Parliament passed a salary-scale bill on July 2017 raising the wages of public sector employees before the election Read More

Water: Giving a Fresh Solution to Lebanon’s Water Pollution

Majdi Aref | Lebanese Institute for Market Studies | September 2018

People in Lebanon use polluted water for their daily consumption such as bathing, cooking, and…Read More

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الحل لمشكلة العجز المزدوج في كهرباء لبنان بكلفة صفر دولار

د. باتريك مارديني

المعهد اللبناني لدراسات السوق

ايار 2015

يعاني لبنان من عجز مزدوج في القطاع الكهربائي …قراءة المزيد