School Voucher System: A Chance to Save Private Schools

Eliane Al Badawy & Claire Basbous | LIMS | November 2018

The Lebanese Parliament passed a salary-scale bill on July 2017 raising the wages of public sector employees before the election. The salary scale also applies to private school teachers, given the existence of a law imposing equality of wages across schools. More

Water: Giving a Fresh Solution to Lebanon’s Water Pollution

Majdi Aref | LIMS | September 2018

A portion of Lebanese people have been coerced to using dirty water on a daily basis. Fresh water is being contaminated by sewage, showing traces of mercury, salmonella and E-coli. This is mainly due to… More

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Lebanon’s Electricity Problem: A Zero Dollar Solution

Dr. Patrick Mardini | LIMS | May 2015

Deficit, Debt and Electricity Rationing
People in Lebanon suffer from an average of 12 hours per day of rolling blackouts. Power rationing is very damaging to a wide variety of sectors in the country, since households and businesses have to acquire electricity on the expensive black market of private generators…