LIMS Leaders’ Academy – LLA

LIMS Leaders’ Academy provides a capacity building program for young activists of political parties enabling them to integrate these sound principles of economics, when assessing a situation or taking position on a policy issue. At the end of the program, staff and activists of political parties will able to:

  • Acquire a framework to accurately identify and interpret the economic challenges facing Lebanon.
  • Come up with well thought solutions to any economic problem they wish to address.
  • Draft a market oriented policy proposition.
  • Present the proposition in front of an audience and defend it.

In order to complete the LLA, participants should take the following four levels and gather 24 credits:

  • LLA101 Economic Foundations of a Free and Prosperous Lebanon (Workshop) – 6 credits
  • LLA201 Economic Policy Making (Webinar) – 6 credits
  • LLA301 Drafting a Winning Economic Policy Proposition (Workshop) – 6 credits
  • LLA401 LIMS Annual Policy Fair (Event) – 6 credits

LLA101 Economic Foundations for a Free and Prosperous Lebanon

LLA101 Economic Foundations of a Free and Prosperous Lebanon is a two days workshop hosting 10-15 staff members and activists of a political party.  Several workshops are held simultaneously and members of different parties can interact over the breaks.

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By the end of the workshop,  participants will be able to:

  • Understand the moral foundations of economics
  • Assess the limits of the State’s intervention policies
  • Explain the economic pillars of prosperity
  • Analyze the importance of finance stability and elaborate on economic recession


  • Number of participants per module: 10-15
  • Audience: staff and activists of Lebanese political parties, both seniors and juniors
  • Training duration: 2 days
  • Number of sessions: 4 sessions, 3 hours each
  • Number of trainers:  4
  • Language: Arabic
  • Location: a hotel’s conference room
  • Delivery methods: Games, debates, focus groups, and presentations.
  • Reading material and online videos and audios will be sent to participants two weeks before the date of the workshop.

March 2017 Edition

Follow the links below for the LLA101 albums on our facebook page:

LLA101 – Day 1

LLA101 – Day 2

LLA101 – Group Photos

LLA101 – Elevator Pitch

LLA101 – Distribution of Certificates

LLA201 Economic Policy Making

LLA201 Economic Policy Making is designed for high-achieving staff and activists of political parties who are seeking a uniquely structured and advanced knowledge with a strong emphasis on practical solutions for economic challenges.

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By the end of LLA201, participants will acquire a deep understanding of:

  • How does the market economy operates?
  • Central planning and price setting
  • Free Labor Market
  • Labor Market Policies
  • Free Trade
  • Protectionist trade policies
  • Tax policy
  • The solution for the debt problem
  • Freedom, justice, and equality


  • The program uses the Soukhor platform, the first Arabic online platform gathering more than 60 short free market videos produced by top international policy experts on the topic.
  • Participants connect to and sign up, the process will take them less than 2 minutes.
  • Participants can watch the videos of soukhor and take the small Arabic quizzes.
  • The platform includes 9 categories, each category has 30-40 minutes of videos
  • Passing all the quizzes of a category allows the participant to obtain 3 credits.
  • After completing 18 credits (6 categories out of 9), participants will receive a certificate from LIMS by email.
  • LLA201 is also opened to participants who did not take LLA101, but they will need to gather 21 credits (watch 7 categories out of 9).
  • The 20 participants who complete LLA201 first will qualify for LLA301.

LIMS created a dedicated platform called Soukhor (free market in Arabic).

Login to Soukhor

LLA301 Economic Policy Drafting

LLA301 Economic Policy Drafting is a two day workshop followed by a 2 months tutoring process. The workshop allows participants to draft a market oriented policy paper that would serve their political party. Each party might have its own priority and LIMS is very flexible on the topic. After the workshop, a tutor will be assigned for each staff or activist to walk him through the process of drafting the paper.

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By the end of LLA301, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the structure of a policy paper,
  • Collect primary and secondary data
  • Build their case using strong arguments
  • Discuss different alternatives and explain their shortcomings
  • Draft a policy proposition and present it to policy makers


  • Number of participants: 18, 2 or 3 from each party
  • Audience: staff and activists of Lebanese political parties, both seniors and juniors
  • Training duration: 2 day workshop + 2 months tutoring
  • Workshop sessions: 6 sessions, 2 hours each
  • Meetings with tutor: 5 meetings
  • Number of tutors:  6
  • Language: Arabic

Participants who completed LL201 can apply to LLA301 by sending an email to

October 2017 Edition

Follow the links below for the LLA301 albums on our facebook page:


LLA401 Policy Fair

The Policy Fair is designed to help participants pitch their policy proposition in 1 min to a crowd of experts and professionals. The crowd suggests insights, feedback and experience to help participants overcome the challenges. A group of trained facilitators makes sure that each political party aggregates the dispersed information into a structured body of knowledge.

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By the end of LLA401, participants will be able to:

  • Advocate for their policy proposition.
  • Discuss the topic with experts in an informal manner.
  • Expand their own professional network.
  • Crowdsource the content of their paper by having other contribute with ideas and solutions.


  • Each political party has booth.
  • 3 participants from each party will be at the booth.
  • 1 representative of each party takes the stage, presents his policy proposition, and encourages attendees to visit his/her party’s booth – all in 1 minute.
  • Around 50 attendees will then visit the stands and share their ideas with the staff of political parties, write their comments, and move to the next stand.
  • Duration: 2h.

2017 Edition

Follow the link bellow for the LLA 401 album on our facebook page:

LLA401 – Policy Fair