LLA 201 Connect to Prosperity is designed for high-achieving staff and activists of political parties, who are seeking a unique structured and advanced knowledge, with a strong emphasis on practical solutions for economic challenges.

By the end of LLA201, participants will acquire a deep understanding of:

  • How the market economy operates
  • Central Planning and Price Setting
  • Free Labor Market
  • Labor Market Policies
  • Free Trade
  • Protectionist Trade Policies
  • Tax Policy
  • The Solution for the Debt Problem
  • Freedom, Justice, and Equality


  • The program uses the Soukhor platform, the first Arabic online platform, gathering more than 60 short free market videos produced by top international policy experts on the topic.
  • Participants connect to www.soukhor.com and sign up, the process will take them less than 2 minutes.
  • Participants can watch the videos on soukhor and take short quizzes in Arabic.
  • The platform includes nine categories, each category has 30-40 minutes of videos
  • Passing all the quizzes in a category, allows the participant to obtain 3 credits.
  • After completing 18 credits (six categories out of nine), participants will receive a certificate from LIMS by email.
  • The participants who complete LLA201 first will qualify for LLA301.

LIMS created a dedicated platform called Soukhor (soukhor means free market in Arabic).

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