Restore Economic Freedom in Lebanon

Economic Foundations of a Free and Prosperous Lebanon

LIMS Leadership Academy

LIMS Leadership Academy - LLA is an economic capacity building program to staff and activists of political parties. The program aims to prepare future leaders to undertake economic change in the local and regional environment. At the end of the program, staff and activists of political parties will abbe to (1) acquire a framework to accurately identify and interpret the economic challenges facing Lebanon, (2) come up with well thought solutions to any economic problem they wish to address, and (3) draft draft a market oriented policy proposition.

In order to complete the LLA, participants should take the following three levels and gather 24 credits:

  • LLA101 Economic Foundations of a Free and Prosperous Lebanon (Workshop) - 3 credits
  • LLA201 Economic Policy Making (Online) - 18 credits
  • LLA301 Drafting a Winning Economic Policy Proposition (Internship) - 3 credits

LLA101 Economic Foundations of a free and Prosperous Lebanon

LLA101 Economic Foundations of a free and Prosperous Lebanon is a two days workshop hosting 10-15 staff member and activist of a political party.  Several workshops are held simultaneously and members of different parties can interact over the breaks.

By the end of the workshopparticipants will be able to:

  • Understand the moral foundations of economics
  • Assess the limits of the State’s intervention policies
  • Explain the economic pillars of prosperity
  • Analyze the importance of finance stability and elaborate on economic recession


  • Number of participants per module: 10-15
  • Audience: staff and activists of Lebanese political parties, both seniors and juniors
  • Training duration: 2 days
  • Number of sessions: 4 sessions, 3 hours each
  • Number of trainers:  4
  • Language: Arabic
  • Location: a hotel’s conference room
  • Delivery methods: Games, debates, focus groups, and presentations.
  • Reading material and online videos and audios will be sent to participants two weeks before the date of the workshop.

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