Restore Economic Freedom in Lebanon

Who are we ?

We are a free market think tank that addresses Lebanon’s issues through research, education and discussion. We provide essential resources for policy makers, experts, media and local and international organizations. We are also a knowledge hub for students.


Free people living together peacefully in a wealthy Lebanon.


Empower the people of Lebanon to restore economic freedom.


LIMS respects the following values in recruitment, promotion, training and development, project development, and activities implementation.

  • Equal opportunity: regardless of the sect, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, race, etc
  • Diversity: the institute is a home for all liberty lovers regardless the background they come from
  • Responsibility: each individual relies on himself and bears the cost of his action
  • Self-esteem:  insured by the recognition of achievement
  • Devotion: to the mission and efficiency in the action


Lebanon gained independence in 1943 as a result of the ‘National Pact’. The pact was the fruit of in-depth thinking on the realm of ideological diversity, sectarian pluralism, geographical location and economic resources of the county. The founding fathers of the modern Lebanon designed four pillars that insured peace and prosperity to the people:

  • Enhanced freedom to preserve pluralism and diversity
  • Small government that lacks the ability to intervene in sectarian matters
  • Reliance on private initiative and laisser-fair
  • Limited government intervention in the economy

As a result, the economy entered a period of exceptional growth and witnessed the emergence of Lebanon as the region’s cultural and financial center. Unfortunately, this state of freedom did not last long as a large scale government intervention began and liberties were progressively reduced. In 2015, Lebanon is on the brink of a disaster. Debt reached 148% of the GDP; taxes and government borrowing are being spent on inefficient public administration; political liberties are suspended (absence of parliamentary and presidential elections); and individual rights are continuously shrinking. LIMS founders met in the summer of 2015 and decided to build an institute aiming to empower the people of Lebanon to restore economic liberties through research, education and discussion.